Football is the ultimate team game. No sport requires so many individuals to work together in order for the team to be successful.  No sport demands more of its players physically and mentally. No sport requires more of its coaches. Football coaches have more skills, concepts and philosophies to teach than other sports.

Football coaches must decide on which offensive and defensive systems are most appropriate for his team to utilize. They must evaluate their opponents in greater detail than coaches of other sports.  Football coaches make more decisions during a game that influence winning and losing. In short football coaches simply have more responsibilities than other coaches.

Head Football coaches must build a competent staff of several coaches and assess their strengths and weaknesses and assign responsibilities. The head coach must ensure that his staff can teach offensive, defensive and special teams schemes that are consistent with his philosophies and that he believes will be successful with their players and against their opponents.

Successful football coaches evaluate their players strengths and weaknesses and decide how best to utilize their skills.  The best coaches design well organized practice plans that allow for players to develop skills and learn to execute offensive and defensive schemes for specific game plans.

Football coaches must also design sports performance training programs that maximize their players athletic potential and reduce the chance for injury. Their in-season an off-season program is a huge time commitment for both the players and the coaches.

The best football coaches spend a great deal of time breaking down video of  their opponents and evaluating their own team.  Coaches must learn what their opponents do offensively and defensively in  various game situations, so that they can prepare a game plan.  The hours spent viewing video of opponents as well as their own team is one of the many responsibilities of the successful coach.

Finally the very best football coaches, the ones that lead championship programs, dedicate a great deal of time and energy teaching leadership to their coaches and players and developing a culture where individuals thrive. Great coaches design activities to help build a culture where the team is more important than the individual.  Championship teams have a culture where selfishness is not tolerated and sacrificing for the good of the team is valued by all team members.  Great teams are humble but very confident.  Great teams have coaches that are dedicated to creating this type of culture.

Championship winning coaches are great teachers and great students. The Football Toolbox is a site that we have designed to help football coaches improve their program. We are not going to tell you how to coach. We are going to provide you with as many tools as possible for you to choose from.  You will find a vast resource of offensive and defensive schemes, ideas about special teams, strength and conditioning plans, motivational ideas, team building  activities and anything else we think might help you with the very difficult job of coaching a football team.

We will provide you with ideas from a wide variety of successful coaches.  Study, evaluate and decide what you can use and what you cannot.  But you will build your own program.  You will build your own culture.  You will fail or succeed based on the decisions that you make.

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