Attacking the 3-5-3 Defense

Jim Showfety
Offensive line Coach

Coach Showfety begins his power point presentation on how Marist attacks the 3-5-3 followed by how he identifies Defensive Personnel. Coach Showfety shares their complementary running plays versus the 3-5-3 and how they attack the 3-5-3 with the option game. This presentation offers blocking schemes used to attack the 3-5-3 with Marist’s complementary run and pass plays.

This PowerPoint presentation is provided by Glazier Football Coaching Clinics.

You can also check out more coaching information like this at the Glazier Clinics Online Learning Vault

There is no sound with the presentation. Click inside the Presentation to Advance to the Next Screen or use the arrows at the bottom of the presentation.






Attacking the 3-5-3 Defense

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