Constant Illusion of Pressure

Bob Benson
Defensive Coordinator
Colorado school of Mines

Mines 3-5-3: 2-3 Deep Coverages, Constant Illusion of Pressure, and Man Blitzes – Defending the Zone Read Option

This Power Point by Coach Benson is excellent for understanding the 3-5-3 and 2 and 3 secondary coverages. Coach Benson shares his defensive goals, defensive philosophy, attacking offensive schemes, tackling techniques, multiple coverages, the constant illusion of bringing pressure, and man blitzes, and lastly prevent defense. Coach gives an excellent illustration on defending zone read option. This presentation offers excellent illustrations and supporting techniques for each scheme mentioned.

This PowerPoint presentation is provided by Glazier Football Coaching Clinics.

You can also check out more coaching information like this at the Glazier Clinics Online Learning Vault

There is no sound with the presentation. Click inside the Presentation to Advance to the Next Screen or use the arrows at the bottom of the presentation.




Constant Illusion of Pressure

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