Defending the Run in the 3-4

Butch Dimovitz
Christian Brothers High School
St. Louis, Mo.

This presentation by Coach Dimovitz begins by presenting his thoughts on the importance of teaching proper tackling techniques and how coaches must understand the liability of teaching proper techniques. Coach shares how they commit 15 minutes per day on tackling during the summer and early when the in season begins. Coach provides his philosophy on what they look for in Defensive Linemen in physical and intangible attributes. Coach also shares their approach for teaching Stance and starts not only for his defensive line but also his linebackers. Also this presentation details Linebacker Traits for both inside and Outside Linebackers as well as alignment. Included in this presentation are Inside Backer Reads and Rules, Outside Linebacker Reads and Keys along with Reach or Fast Flow, Base blocks, down blocks, down schemes, double teams and much more.

This PowerPoint presentation is provided by Glazier Football Coaching Clinics.

You can also check out more coaching information like this at the Glazier Clinics Online Learning Vault

There is no sound with the presentation. Click inside the Presentation to Advance to the Next Screen or use the arrows at the bottom of the presentation.





Defending the Run in the 3-4

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