Double Dog Stunt

Getting pressure on the quarterback is always a priority in setting up a defense. Sometimes coaches are lucky and can get that pressure simply from the defensive line and other times they must create the pressure with their various blitz packages. In the video below Coach Dean Campbell, former D1 coordinator and current Head Coach at Hyde Park Baptist(Tx), discusses how he uses the Double-Dog Stunt to pressure the QB.

The video is from CoachTube’s course entitled Eight-Man Front With Combination-Man Coverages: Blitz and Nickel Packages

The video has sound so please make sure your sound is turned on. A description of the clip is found below the video.

Coach Campbell discusses responsibilities of each player when employing the Double-Dog Stunt vs a two back set and a one back set.

In the Double-Dog Stunt both the Mike and Will linebacker will be blitzing. Both backers make a call to signal the tackle on their side which gap they want the tackle to hit. For example, the Mike linebacker will make a “Tim” call if he wants the tackle to go inside and hit the A gap. The Mike would then blitz in the B gap. The Will linebacker may make a “Tom” call. This would signal the tackle on his side to move outside and hit the B gap, leaving him (the Will) to blitz the A gap. Which gap is being stunted can change from side to side. The linebackers just communicate with their tackle where they want them to go.

In a two back set the corners will man-up. The Sam Linebacker and the Safety will banjo the back and receiver to their side and the Rover will take the other back. If both backs release, then the the quarterback should be sacked. If both backs stay in to block, then the Rover closes to his back and the Sam stays and looks for someone leaking out.

In a one back set, the corners will play press coverage. The Rover has the has inside guy on his side. The Sam takes the inside guy on his side. The Free Safety has to close to the back even if he stays in to block. The Sam is responsible for the screen pass if the back leaks out.

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