Linebacker Drills: Miami Dolphins

In the video clip below Mark Duffner, former linebacker coach for the Miami Dolphins and current linebacker coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, demonstrates a series of five different drills that he utilizes to train his linebackers. Coach Dufner uses actual practice footage to illustrate the drills and also offers key teaching points for each drill used in the linebacker drill progression. The first drill is a simple Cover 3 linebacker drop drill and the next four drills are a progression that teaches shedding the block and then making a tackle.

The video is presented by USA Football. You can view other great teaching video by visiting clicking the link above or by going to USA Football YouTube Channel

The YouTube video has sound, so make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. (Some schools block access to YouTube)

Below is a quick recap of the drills and the key coaching points of each.

1. Cover 3 Zone Drop Drill
Be square in the drop
Hit your landmark (one yard outside the hash)
Move with the shoulder tip of the quarterback

2. Strike Sled and Shed
Strike with out crossing the feet
Strike with wide base
Punch out the hands and lockout
Hands under armpits with thumbs point up
Eyes up

3. Hitting Moving Target (Player holding pad)
Strike with hands and punch out
Do not cross feet
Hands High. In the armpit of blocker with thumbs pointing up.
Work hips

4. Strike sled/shed and tackle bag
Rip arms up and through the bag
Eyes Up
Thumbs up
Grab cloth

5. Open Field Tackle ( Player with bag. Do not take down. Wrap Up)
Approach near foot and neat hip
Come to balance. Widen stance as you hit
Eyes up and eyes before feet
Shoot hands and rip arms up
Accelerate through the tacke

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