Team Tackling Drill

The Cup-it Drill is a team tackling drill that is designed to simulate live game tackling situations. The drill helps players to understand that they are tackling as a team. It also teaches them when and how to take a chance at making the big play.

In the video below the drill is drawn out on a whiteboard and key coaching points are explained. The clips ends with practice footage of a live cup it drill. The clip is from Football Tutorials. You will find many other great tools to help you with your program. Just click the link above to their site. You can also visit the Football Tutorials-Drills and Plays YouTube Channel to check out other great coaching videos.

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. (Some schools block access to YouTube)

The set up for the Cup it Drill is as follows:

Three bags are laid out with gaps between them simulating hole in the offensive line. A ball carrier is stationed 6-7 yards behind the bags. Three defensive backs are position 6-7 yards away from the bags on the other side. The defensive backs begin on their backs with their helmets pointing towards the bags.

On the whistle a coach will toss the ball to the ball carrier who immediately runs to the right or left. The defensive backs jump up and locate the ball carrier. The ball carrier will either break outside the bag in front of him our cut back through the hole.

The three defensive backs will follow the following coaching points in making a team tackle.

1. Know where your help is.
2. Near Man – take a shot try to make a big play. Do so in a fashion that forces the runner to help if you miss.
3. Inside Man – Comes to inside to hip pocket.
4. Far Man – Clean-up. He can try for the big hit or strip. He is also available for the scoop and score.

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