Sudden Change

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By Ashton Henderson

During my days on the gridiron, my coach would always say that everyone has a plan until they get hit.

Coaches spend countless hours in the film room to help prepare their teams for game day. They try to emulate in great detail everything their opponent might do.

Game day arrives, and you feel confident. You have studied the tape and have reviewed your weekly tip sheet until you cannot look at it anymore.

Then your opposition lines up in a formation that looks completely foreign. You immediately feel that all of your hard work was pointless.

What do you do? How do you respond?

Here are three tips that will help your team persevere through sudden change situations.

Make adjustments

The ability to make adjustments after each series is essential for your team’s success. It’s imperative to talk through various scenarios that you are seeing by your opposition, so your coach can put you in the best position to win.

Don’t waver from the game plan

Even though your opponent may be throwing the kitchen sink at you, it’s vitally important not to waver from the installation of plays you have worked on all week.

Once you waver, your team will begin to unravel. That’s when the blame game begins—when everyone is not on the same page.


Lastly, there is no greater X-factor than trusting the player standing next to you to do his job.

When sudden change moments occur, that’s when you are required to trust your teammates even more that they will get the job done.

Many individuals in the stands blame coaches, but they normally place the team in the right position to be successful. All 11 players need to be in harmony to capture success. Trust the game plan and your coaches throughout every facet of the game.

Work hard. Be great.

This article originally appeared in USA Ashton Henderson was a four year letterman at defensive back for Michigan State University as well as a honor student and co-author with former teammate Travis Key of “Beyond The Gridiron: How to successfully transition into collegiate football,” a detailed account of what it takes to be a Division I college football player and successful in life. To learn more about their mission and purchase your copy today, visit:


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