No Huddle Offense: Receiver Expectations

The proliferation of the passing game has brought the receiver more into the forefront of the modern offense. Today’s no huddle and spread offenses require that receivers possess a tremendous amount of skill, technique and ability to read defenses.

The following CoachTube video is a lesson from No Huddle Offense: Starter Series by Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn. His innovative offensive philosophy has helped him move from high school coaching to coaching in the powerful SEC. In this lesson Coach Malzahn discusses the responsibilities of receivers in his no huddle offense.

The video has sound so please make sure that your sound is turned on. A description of the lesson can be found below he video

Coach Malzahn describes six responsibilities of his receivers.

1. Catch the Ball

Receivers are expected to catch any ball that they can get two hands on. They try to get a minimum of 100 catches per practice per receiver.

2. Know the difference between zone and man

Receivers should know which routes to run vs each. In addition they should recognize zone or man on running plays so they can adjust their blocking assignents

3. Know the Quarterback’s Responsibilities

Receivers must know the quarterbacks reads and his aiming point. If they are covered receivers should know where the quarterback is going to throw the ball (inside or outside) and where the QB is going to miss.

4. Take pride in their blocking

They need to know that everyone values their contribution in this area. Receivers ability to block turn gains into big gains.

5. Run precise routes

The have to be great salesmen. They need a lot of reps on their routes. Great receivers get those reps after practice. The must master the details.

6. Be Unselfish

Even when a receiver reads the defense and he knows that the QB is throwing the ball to someone else, they must be willing to run their route exactly as if the ball was coming to them.

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