Teaching Players to Evaluate Film

If you have not ever asked your players to help evaluate game film, you are missing out on an opportunity to truly improve your players football IQ and help you win games. How did we all make the transition from player to coach? We studied the game. We watched film and tried to figure out what the other team was doing. The more we watched the more we learned. The more we realized how important things like technique and tendencies were.

Asking your players to evaluate film will help them understand the game. It will get them more committed to the game plan. It might even help you build a better plan. They can come up with some good observations and suggestions.

In the clip below you will see a checklist that one coach gives to his wide receivers and quarterbacks. The list might not be perfect for you, but it might give you some ideas to how you might use this idea

The clip is from eFootballflix YouTube Channel. You can find other great clips there. You can also visit their efootballflix.com to gain access to full vidoes.

The YouTube video has sound, so make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site

Here is the checklist

1. Their top 3 coverages?
2. What is their lead coverage vs each of our top formations?
3. Who is their best cover guy?
4. Who is their worst cover guy? Why?
5. How do safeties plays vs run? How do the play vs pass
6. When to the Blitz?
7. Can we get mismatches in formation?
8. Tips on coverages?
9. Tips on run audibles?
10. What are our top 3 routes?
11. Thoughts on match-ups?
12. What do they do in redzone? vs pass? vs run?
13. What should we expect on third and long?
14. Summary of defensive strength and weaknesses?

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