Wing T Sprint Out Passing Game

Many coaches are successful utilizing the Wing T Offense as it allows them to use their athletes most effectively. While many find success running the ball out this offense, the Wing T Sprint Out Passing Game is an effective way to move the ball in this offense and keep the defense honest.

In the video clip below is from a Glazier Clinics football coaching clinic.  Coach Stewart does an excellent job of explaining the key concepts of his Spring Out Passing Game. He carefully and clearly explains the play calls as he diagrams 7 different plays. His system is simple to understand and effective. He is able to get defenders in conflict by flooding one side of the field. He runs a small number of plays from several different formations, giving defensive coordinators many different looks.

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You can also checkout more videos like this one at the Glazier Clinics YouTube Channel

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. (Some schools block access to YouTube)

Here is an example of a play call and what it means. Over Liz Red 75 Flat.

In this call the first word is for the Tight end only. He gets an Over or Tight call telling him were to line up. The second word is communicating which half back is in motion (A jet look alike motion). In this case an L word means the left half back is in motion. The color Red tells the lineman the play is to the right. The first number is the route for the outside receiver. In this play he will run a 7. The second number is the route the the next (inside) receiver will run. The Flat call is the route for the motion man. In all of the plays the backside rule is the same for all receivers. The receiver will run under a single safety and will split two safeties.

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