Swarm 3-3 Defense

David Jacobs
Former Assistant at Illinois

Coach Jacobs begins his power point presentation by explaining his Defensive philosophy and how their defensive objectives will be accomplished. Coach Explains his swarm squad goals followed by his tackling philosophy that he explains in complete detail. Coach Jacobs explains how he studies offenses which will influence his defensive game plans. Coach explains his defensive line, linebackers and secondary fundamentals with his swarm squad terminology. This presentation explains the 3.5.3 basic 5 fronts as well as Linebacker reads and much more. This is an outstanding presentation and offers a lot of great information.

This PowerPoint presentation is provided by Glazier Football Coaching Clinics.

You can also check out more coaching information like this at the Glazier Clinics Online Learning Vault

There is no sound with the presentation.

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Swarm 3-3 Defense

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