University of Pittsburgh Special Teams Philosophies

Charlie Partridg
University of Pittsburg
Special Teams Coordinator

Coach Partridge begins his kicking game presentation talking about his kickoff team and how he wants to win the battle of hidden yardage by field advantage and the seven steps to success

with number one being get to the ball,
eyes on the target,
over the top,
feet gaining ground,
hands on blocks,
feet still gaining ground,
and making the play.

Coach shares his numbering system to fit the type of personnel he has at each position. Coach also shares his implementation of the punting team, Kick-off Return, and Punt Return teams with key coach points for each phase of the game.

Coach provides illustrations and bullet points to assist in understanding his installation process for the kicking game.

This PowerPoint presentation is provided by Glazier Football Coaching Clinics.

You can also check out more videos like this one at the Glazier Clinics Online Learning Vault

There is no sound with the presentation. Click inside the Presentation to Advance to the Next Screen or use the arrows at the bottom of the presentation.

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