8 Steps to a Better Power Run Play

The video below was contributed by Jason Hahnstadt, creator of Pro Style Spread Offense.  Jason began coaching as a College Assistant at Trinity International University (NAIA). After coaching in many places and levels, he decided to share online what he has learned and is still learning.

Jason has created a Free Pro Style Spread Offense “Run Game Series” course for those that want more detail, more examples, more explanation.

In the FREE Pro Style Spread Offense “Run Game Series” course you’ll learn how to…

* Discover the 5 unique “Core Run Plays” that can increase the yards and points scored in your offense.

* Perfectly position your package of run plays so it gives the defense FITS trying to figure out how to stop each one.

* Increase Your Execution Speed…with video clips showing proper play execution.

* Diagram each play and assignments against any type of defensive alignment.

* Set up the Pop Pass or a simple RPO for a big gain when teams try to cheat to stop your run game…

Register for the Pro Style Spread Offense “Run Game Series” course by clicking on the image below…

Please make sure that your sound is on and click on the video to play. PUT YOUR CURSOR OVER THE LOWER RIGHT CORNER OF THE VIDEO AND CLICK (IMAGE LOOKS LIKE THIS)TO WATCH THE VIDEO ON FULL SCREEN TO BE ABLE SEE LARGER DIAGRAMS AND VIDEOS This is a You Tube video, so please make sure that your network allows you to access You Tube. Click the play arrow to see the video:

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