Expectations for Assistant Football Coaches

The following information represents the thoughts and expectations for assistant coaches from several different successful football programs from around the country.

Expectations for assistant coaches

REPORTS TO: Head Coach, Athletic Coordinator, High School Principal, Assistant Director of Athletics, Athletic Director.

SUPERVISES: Athletes and team assigned. Assumes supervisory control over all athletes in program when such control is needed.

JOB GOAL: To carry out the aims and objectives of the sport program outlined by high school head coach, school and athletic administration. To instruct athletes in individual and team fundamentals, strategy and physical training necessary to realize a degree of individual and team success

a) Has a thorough knowledge of all athletic policy approved by the School District Board of Education and is responsible for its implementation.
b) Has knowledge of Education Agency, University Interscholastic League and District regulations; with the assistance of the head coach, implements it consistently.
c) Maintains discipline and works to increase morale and cooperation within the school sports program and school community

d) Assists the head coach in scheduling, providing transportation to tournaments and special sport events
e) Assists in preparation for scheduled sport events or practices
f) Provides documentation to the head coach needed to fulfill UIL and School District requirements concerning physical examinations, parental consent, eligibility, and student participation
g) Provides proper safeguards for maintenance and protection of assigned activity sites and equipment

h) Provides training rules and other sport specific regulations to each team member
i) Supervises practices, games and team trips. Takes all necessary measures to safeguard each
participant. Remains at campus after practices, games or team trips until all team members have departed
j) Directs student managers and statisticians
k) Implements school conduct code.
l) Explains due process when the enforcement of discipline is necessary. Contacts head coach and parents when a student is alleged to have violated the athletic code

Being Loyal to program and head coach

Loyal comes from character within and being committed to serving the school, the head coach, students, and the system in the capacity in which you are hired. The assistant coach should be a part of every decision making process, and make effort to contribute to every aspect of the program to make it successful. To be loyal you must be team minded, in other words don’t be selfish, become a team player, doesn’t matter who get credit for a great decision, as long as the team is being successful.

Assistant Coaches Expectations:

Coach to Coach:

• Loyalty: all coaches are expected to be Loyal to the Head Coach. We can’t Teach Integrity, if we don’t have Integrity.

• T.E.A.M. — Together Everyone Achieves More! •

Be on Time! “15 minute rule”, always be present 15 minutes before the start of an event!

• Talk to Coaches in appropriate areas concerning any conflicts. Never show up any Coach in front of the players.

• All coaches are expected to contribute: “there is always something to do…” in meetings, practice, games, and activities. Be willing to help out. •

Coach your position! Any ideas concerning Scheme, Technique, or Personnel must be discussed in meetings, not on the field.

• Dress professional: practice gear — shorts, shirts, and shoes will be provided. Game gear is for game day. Coaches will decide on appropriate clothing together, we will look professional and uniform.

• Tobacco Free Campus! No tobacco products on school grounds or at team functions.

• No alcohol at School or Team Functions.

• Be a positive Role model on the field, on the campus, and in the community.

• Be prepared: practice, games, meetings, and functions.

Coach to Player:

• Absolutely No Profanity! We are teachers so act like it…

• Coach all players to develop their skills/abilities! We are a team and we must coach every player to develop!

• Don’t Coach out of frustration. Catch players doing “Right” and coach them to correct errors through demonstration, positive feedback, or technical cue’s.

• Rigor — challenge players to get better every day.

• Relationships — get to know all of your players.

• Relevance — teach and instruct your players to improve, allowing for all players to develop competence, confidence, and chemistry.

• Supervision: we must work to supervise all football activities. Locker room pre and post-practice, Weight Room, Field, and Meetings.

• Make sure that all players are properly equipped for practice and games.

• Coach to develop a “Winning Attitude” in all players.

• Gain their respect by giving it!

Coach to Parents:

• Positive communication skills to all parents.

• If approached by an irate/upset parent after a contest, keep your cool and ask to schedule a meeting at another time.

• Support all football decisions. Be respectful and program 1st mentality.

• Respond to emails quickly, and seek assistance from the head coach if necessary.

• Make yourself available to parents.

Coach to Community:

• Ability to function effectively with our athletic coaching staff, administration, and campus community as a team player.

• Ability to demonstrate our programs philosophy to the community.

• Represent the program and the school in a positive manner throughout the community.

• Once a Wolf, always a Wolf.


• All coaches are expected to be knowledgeable in their Position, Group, Offense/Defense/Special Team areas, Fix what you know and ask for help in areas of uncertainty.

• Attend clinics and conferences whenever available. The program will coordinate at least one a year.

• Be prepared for practice, games, and Team functions.

• Ask questions at meetings and offer opinions on anything football related. We are all trying to make this program as successful as possible.

• Report all injuries to the Trainers or Head Coach.

• Family comes first; please notify the Head Coach with any family related issues regarding missed time.

• Staff meetings will take place right after practice.

• Take the time to make sure all equipment is put away after practice.

“Greatness, whether athletic or otherwise, doesn’t come from those content on just being but rather from those who seek being the difference!” -Kirk Mango

While it is a privilege to have the opportunity to coach football; it is an honor to work with young people. We look forward to creating a great program!

Some duties may change during the course of the season/year, please be mindful of the commitment we are making to the kids and more importantly, the commitment the kids are making to the program. I understand the expectations of being a Football Coach at SRVHS.

Chain of Command: Athletic Director, Head Coach, Coordinators, Position Coaches:

General Job Description: Coach and mentor players within position assigned by head coach. Complete pre and post-game, as well as in season and out of season, duties as assigned by head coach. Attend all staff meetings assigned by head coach and or coordinators. Be an effective and consistent recruiter. Organize position meetings, establish great practice plans, supervise during assigned time periods and in assigned areas, be a positive influence on players and a loyal part of the coaching staff.

Assistant Coach Goals: To fully embrace the vision of the program as per the direction of the head coach; To maximize the ability and production of student athletes under your leadership; To by a loyal and productive member of the coaching staff; To execute all duties assigned by head coach to the highest level of your ability.
In Season Coaching Duties:

a) Comprise daily practice plan pertaining to your position as assigned by coordinators.

b) Watch and grade practice and game film.

c) Meet with position players on a daily basis to distribute grade sheets, introduce daily practice plan and install as per coordinators instructions.

d) Organize pre and post- practice periods as assigned by head coach.

e) Complete opponent scout / breakdown sheet and practice scout team cards as assigned by the coordinators.

f) Complete all supervisory duties as assigned by head coach.

Off Season Coaching Duties a) Attend all off staff meetings and team functions

b) Establish recruiting list as assigned by recruiting coordinator and head coach

c) Make campus visits to all assigned campuses in your recruiting area.

d) Make weekly or bi-weekly phone calls to all assigned recruits.

e) Complete post-season film break down and pre- scout folders as assigned by head coach or coordinators.

f) Monitor weekly spring grades and class attendance as per your position assignment.

g) Schedule exit meeting with all returning and graduating players.

h) Make contact with all 4 year schools that may have an interest in your position players (work to get your players signed).

Loyalty: Loyalty is a key component to any successful coaching staff or any healthy relationship for that matter. I have said for years that loyalty and dependability are key components of trust and football is the ultimate game of trust. People who are not loyal to their leaders and to the organization will create conflicts and distractions that will undermine the chances of success for all involved. In my experience as a head coach (16 years) and as a coordinator (7 years), I would rank loyalty as one of the most important characteristics of my assistant coaches. The definition of loyalty is “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” Support and allegiance are key components of a working relationship that will result in success. The lack of support and allegiance by those in positions of leadership (all coaches are in positions of leadership) cannot and will not be tolerated by any successful head coach. As a head coach I have had to dismiss assistants who were talented coaches but lacked the loyalty necessary to maximize the effectiveness of my staff. Disagreements between coaches will happen at times, but these must happen and be worked out behind closed doors. In public, every coach must have each other’s back and must have the best interest of the program as a whole in mind at all times. Loyalty will be a mandatory character trait of all coaches in any program that I am the head coach of.

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