Building a Championship Culture: Core Values

What separates the great coaches from other coaches? Why are some programs consistently great and others seem to be up and down? The answer is that great coaches establish a culture in their program. Their culture is what sets them apart and helps keep their program successful during seasons when the talent level isn’t as high. Its their culture that allows their their teams to achieve sustainable success.

In the video clip below Randy Jackson, Grapevine (TX) High School Head Coach, discusses how he created Core Values for his football program and how he uses those values to create a championship culture in his program. You might not chose the same core values that you want your program to stand for, but you might be able to use his ideas to generate your own. He also shares ideas on how to emphasize these core values so they can help to create the culture he desires.

To learn more about the DVD that this clip came from click the link Culture Defeats Strategy: How to Create a Championship Culture for Your Program.

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site (some schools block access to YouTube)

Coach Jackson’s team selected seven core values to represent their program and assigned each one a day of the week that they would be emphasized. He went further and gave each a clear definition as well as a hand signal to represent each value. Players are required to memorize the core values, their definitions and hand signals.

The following is a recap of their core values.

Monday – Energy/Tempo – relentless effort. Wear down opponents mentally and physically
Tuesday – Tough – Comfortable being uncomfortable
Wednesday – Compete – 1-0 mentality. Always compete
Thursday – Family Appreciation – treat others above yourself
Friday – Discipline – always doing what needs to be done
– Finish – doing more than is expected
– Pay Day – getting what you have earned.

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