Defensive Line Agility Drills

Developing agility in your players is critical to success in football. Every player, regardless of position, would be a better player if he were more agile. In the clip below from Football Tutorials you will see 8 different agility drills that can be used with your defensive lineman. You might already utilize four or five of the drills, but hopefully you can add a couple new drills to your coaching toolbox. If nothing else maybe the video will give spark your imagination and you can create your own drill.

The first two drills are Wave Drills, followed by a typical high knee drill and quick step that you likely use as part of your dynamic warm-up. The last four drills are cone and tennis ball drills that you might find useful.

For other helpful coaching tools click on the link above or you can visit the Football-Tutorials YouTube Channel for other instructional videos.

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. (Some schools block access to YouTube)

The following is a quick recap of the drills in the clip.

Wave Drill

On the coaches command the player runs towards the coach. When the coach calls “feet” the players stops his forward motion and hard stutters his feet. Then on command the player will shuffle side to side and then burst forward.

Wave Drill (variation)

Here the player will bear crawl forward. Then on command he will roll side the side. Then on command he will do a forward roll and sprint out

High Knee Drill

Usually done over 10 yards. Drive the knee up. Good arm action

Quick Feet Drill

Shorter arm action. Quick steps. Try to take as many steps as possible in 10 yds

4 Cone Drill

Four cones placed in a square 10 yds apart. The player starts at the first cone and bear crawls to the secon cone. Shuffles to the third. He will then Carioca to the fourth cone and turn and burst past the the cone he started at.

20 yd Cone Drill

This is a competitive drill. Each player will place two cones 10 yds apart form each each other. The cones should be placed in lines so that the two players can stand in between the two cones and face each other. In the middle between the cones a fifth cone is placed with a tennis ball placed on top. The two players align themselves on either side of this central cone. On command the two player will turn and run and touch the cone to one side and the turn and run to their other cone and touch it. After touching the second cone, they sprint to the middle cone. The winner is the player that arrives in time to grab the tennis ball first.

Lateral Shuffle Tennis Ball Drill

Probably one you are already aware of. The coach stands in front of the player. Coach rolls a tennis ball to one side of the player and the player shuffles to the ball and flips it back to the coach. The coach then rolls another ball to the other side of the player and he must shuffle to it. Player must stay low in order to pick up the ball.

Cat Drill

Another competitive drill. Two player lay flat of their back approximately five yards from a cone that has a tennis ball placed on the top of it. On command the players spring to their feet and race to the cone. The winner is the one that ends up with the ball.

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