Speed Development

Here are 6 easy to teach and easy to learn exercises that can help increase a players speed. The great thing about these exercises is they an be done on the field without any special equipment, meaning they could be part of your off-season program or easily added to your practice plan.

In this clip Jake Moore, DPT; Physical Therapist/Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gilbert (IA) High School, National Strength and Conditioning Association; USA Weightlifting Club Coach, demonstrates the following exercises: Continuous Vertical Jump, Vertical Jump with Hop, Tuck Jump, Broad Jump, Broad Jump with Hop, Backward Ankle Bounce. These drills are a part of a total speed and agility training program. For more information of the DVD that these drills came from click the link Summer Speed Camp

Please make sure your sound is on. The YouTube video below has sound.

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